Commissioning a piece of furniture can seem a bit daunting, or even scary if you haven't done so before. Paul thinks that the process should be pleasurable and exciting for all involved, including himself.
He will encourage you to be involved right from the beginning. Starting with exploring all the practical needs the piece has to fulfil and moving through to how this is incorpoated into a design that reflects your vision, any existing furniture and the feel of the room/house as a whole.
After this initial meeting Paul will prepare a design and preliminary drawings that he feels reflects your ideas. At this time he will also provide an estimate of the cost for the piece of furniture and its installation. This first draft is often just that, so don't be dismayed if it doesn't quite meet with what you had in mind, it's quite common to explore two or three ideas before a final design is decided on.
Once everyone has agreed the design, timber to be used and any other details, Paul will provide a quotation for the commission and an estimated time for delivery. On acceptance of the quotation a deposit of 50% of the total will be payable before work begins. This payment covers the materials which will have to be purchased, sometimes a little before work can commence.
All work is completed in Paul's own workshop, where attention to detail and quality of the workmanship can be guaranteed.